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  • Nerbiz Dijkstra
  • Paul Demers
  • Miguel Gago
  • Mikhail Mamrouski
  • Matthew Connelly
  • Emanuele Buratti
  • Consulting Inc.
  • Ryan Carter
  • Alexander Timm
  • Sami Kerim Galal
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David Mohammed (aka "fossfreedom") will be the visible face of budgie-remix and Ubuntu Budgie. David is a Official Ubuntu member and community moderator on Ask Ubuntu.

We support opensource and any money raised will go towards opensource developers as well as budgie-remix/Ubuntu Budgie itself.

Full Transparency is our goal – how your donations are used. Patreon donations will be made visible on confirmation of the donation received at the beginning of the next month. Paypal donations will appear ASAP after the donation is received. To Date your donations have helped to fund the following:
  • Purchase of the URL for one year (2016)
  • Purchase of the URL for one year (2016)
  • one year extension (2017)
Expected costs for 2017:
  • one year extension - fully funded
  • Server fees for 2017 - fully funded by our sponsor DigitalOcean

  • Longterm Goal: LTS Status. From 18.04 Long-term-support is an option that Ubuntu Budgie would love to provide to all of its users. To be able to-do this we need to commit to a financially sound 3 year model - that is - be able to commit to support for three years or more. To meet this goal we need to wrap costs for 2018, 2019 and 2020 as part of this goal.
    • Expected costs for 2018 - fully funded
    • Expected costs for 2019 - fully funded
    • Expected costs for 2020 - currently not funded
    We want to give back to the following developers:
    • Pinguy who made 16.04 budgie-remix possible - partially funded
    • Solus community - who made budgie-desktop - currently not funded
    • GNOME foundation- currently not funded

    Ubuntu Budgie puts you – our community – front and centre in everything we do.


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