Zesty wallpaper contest

Announcing 17.10 desktop wallpaper contest

Ubuntu Budgie is pleased to announce our 17.10 wallpaper contest - we are looking for fabulous original images to proudly show-case our official community flavor edition of Ubuntu.

Please dig deep into your photo collection!

Your reward will be to display your work in Ubuntu - and the best of the best will be proudly displayed on our website!

So hurry - the contest is only open for approx three weeks.

Enter the 17.10 Contest

Rules are available on Flickr - all photo's submitted must conform with one of the following licenses:

  1. CC-BY-SA-4.0.
  2. CC with Attribution v3.0 or v4.0
  3. CC0 with the original authors name if its not yours

Please do not enter your photo's in other community flavor contests - there is nothing more embarrassing having the same photo being potentially included in multiple flavors!


Developer Diary - May

Nikola has persuaded me to keep a diary of what happens on the team - so here it is - kind of seems like a lot of random stuff ... and I'm no wordsmith - but lots of things happening in and around the team.

Lets plough in.

Swag time!

GiftsVincenzo has been busy working with zazzle.com on designing some unique Ubuntu Budgie swag stuff you can buy. At the same time you will be helping us earn some much needed revenue needed to keep the project running and growing. The store is now available https://www.zazzle.com/s/ubuntu+budgie - there is great stuff to choose from. We'll be including this in budgie-welcome and our website soon.

Dustin has been working to create a link to the store via our website and budgie-welcome as well. We'll add an updated budgie-welcome to 16.04/16.10 and 17.04 backports as soon as its ready.

Udara has also been working on some designs for Ubuntu Budgie swag. Looking forward to seeing these.

Making things better...

Lots of fixups have been made to Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 to accommodate Terminix changing its name to Tilix. Also, now have the ability to search in the menu for all Settings control panel icons. The odd uxterm and xterm menu items has gone, as has the guest session from the login greeter - it didnt work anyway - N.B. if anyone can figure out why you cannot login to the guest session please let me know.

Video thumbnails now appear in Files (Nautilus) without needing GNOME Videos (Totem) installed - yay!

These fixes and enhancements have been uploaded to Artful.

I have been listening to issues raised via our gitter chatroom. Chief amongst them was that some people did not want plank installed - for 17.04 deinstalling plank would also remove some critical Ubuntu Budgie packages. This has now been resolved in 17.10. Top Tip - to stop plank running - just open "Start Up applications" and untick plank.

Workspace%201 029

Dropbox has been a real pain in the past - it is proprietary software and has only worked on Unity (it is hardcoded in the binary). Fortunately I have used a workaround to fool Dropbox to think it is running in Unity. This fix has been accepted into Artful. I've backported this to 17.04 users - just upgrade with backports enabled.

HEXCube has resolved now the annoying issue with not being able (easily) to enter the crypt password for a full-disk encrypted installation. It boiled down to our switch to "ubuntu budgie" name - the plymouth theme and the theme components needed to be identical. So with a careful bit of renaming crypt password entry is now possible ... and as a side effect, the plymouth theme applies all the way through to the login screen. This has been uploaded to Artful.

In April I worked on gathering together upstream fixes from the v10.3 budgie-desktop and applied this to 17.04 budgie-desktop 10.2.9 as a stable-release update. This has been accepted, tested and released.

  • Bottom panel popups - hopefully for most setups, the popup "drop from top to bottom" issue has been resolved
  • Notification icon no longer turns red when first logon and network is connected.
  • ALT+F2 run-dialog box is correctly sized

A few people have had issues with removing packages and accidentally uninstalling the key package budgie-desktop-environment. I have pushed a change available in backports to prevent this happening.

New Development

I have spent lots of time working with Konstantin on his global appmenu project. I resolved budgie-desktop showing the global menu in a transparent colour, lots of debian packaging issues, MATE issues and freezes. Test PPA is available for 16.04, 16.10 and 17.04 - ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/global-menu-test. Ubuntu MATE are interested in this project as well and it may well find its way into the 17.10 repositories. We'll keep you informed if this happens. Globalmenu

I have been looking at slick-greeter the forked Unity Greeter by Linux Mint. This is a gorgeous HiDPI capable greeter and is completely distro agnostic unlike the Unity greeter Have been working with Linux Mint devs to resolve some issues. Also, in record time, have submitted the package to Debian - accepted and is now in 17.10 repositories.

The new greeter will make its debut in Ubuntu Budgie for 17.10 and is now available in our 17.10 dailies. Workspace%201 031

I have reworked Budgie Welcome - Default Settings page themes. This now correctly works with all budgie-remix/Ubuntu Budgie versions. I have uplifted it to the very latest bootstrap version. Works faster now with subtle but better animations.

Themes now have a lightbox display enabling you to enlarge the theme picture. For 16.04 users we have dropped Vimix - upstream changes have broken this theme.
Exclusively for 16.04 users - Vertex is now available to be applied through this screen. Also, Ceti-2 is a brand new theme package now available and installable through budgie-welcome. Also have packaged up the theme Flat-plat. We are just evaluating this and if its a good fit we'll make it available as an install. More news later on this.

Have tidied the budgie-desktop v10.3 packaging and submitted to Debian for evaluation. Once accepted this will make its way into the 17.10 repositories.

Udara has been created a nice bit of material design wallpaper artwork - this will debut in 17.10. Additionally Udara has created a banner for our upcoming 17.10 wallpaper contest. So fair warning - get those fantastic unique photos ready - contest will be announced in June.

Artful wallpaper contest

Niyas has been added a few tidyups to Budgie Welcome. Some preliminary work as been added (but not yet activated) that will enable the whole interface (layout/themes/fonts) to be switched. We have plans for the ability to switch between Ubuntu Budgie look and feel, Classic Budgie, MacOS type switch, MATE type look and feel and a Unity makeover. More news as and when this develops.

We had a few enquiries about GNOME tracker being added to Ubuntu Budgie 17.04. This is because we included GNOME Photos and GNOME Documents as default applications. I have decided that for 17.10 we will drop GNOME Photos and GNOME Documents and hence tracker has also disappeared. gThumb will be the replacement Photos app. Note - 17.10 / 18.04 may pull in GNOME Tracker through Files (Nautilus) - I'll monitor what is happening during the 17.10 development to see if this happens.

Really random

Have spent a bit of time creating a list of papercuts - quick and easy stuff for everyone to delve into. Announcement shortly as to what these are and how you can get involved.

Dustin has been spreading the Ubuntu Budgie message at the Linux Fest 2017 Northwest event this month. He has also been podcasting as well.

Budgie Welcome has been getting some translation updates. Have been spending time with any languages that have lots of translations done and incorporating them into budgie-welcome. This has been uploaded to our backports repository for 17.04. More help with translations is needed - so please delve in - https://www.transifex.com/ubuntu-budgie/budgie-welcome/

Nikola has been tidying up the Ubuntu Budgie website. Team Pages has been revamped as has the Gallery and Features page. All of the website is now mobile friendly.

and finally...

We always would welcome feedback, suggestions - and of course help. Pop-by our chatroom or reach-us via our contact-us link.


David (project lead)

Lfnw header

Linux Fest Northwest - 2017

LinuxFest Northwest, held annually at the Bellingham (WA) Technical College, is a grassroots Open Source Software (OSS) event that has grown year after year to become what is likely one of the largest of the "fests". With approximately 1,800 attendees (according to their website), it is now one of the most sizable OSS gatherings in the United States. The event has a distinct non-corporate vibe, essential to the community-driven atmosphere.

The fest provides a bunch of standard fare for this type of event - sessions hosted by the subject matter experts, entertainment, vendor booths, and a plethora of stickers and other ephemera (note to self - make sure I have Ubuntu Budgie swag to bring next year). But where it seems to deviate from other conferences is the general attitude of both the attendees and the people working the booths. It appears to be quite laid back with genuine interest in a simple chat. I've discussed everything from finding your path for advancement at work, down to hacking your car under a microscope (looking at you Christian). I even had a spirited conversation with a former pastor who moved from California to Oregon to retire and help his son remodel a new living space. And these were just the quick ones. Having chatted previously with people from the OSS community online, other conversations went much further in depth. Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate was more than accommodating with a lengthy discussion on the growing community, how to get involved in the larger Ubuntu ecosystem (outside the confines of one of the flavours), the difficulties he had encountered early on, and so much more. Christian Hergert of Redhat/Gnome and I got into discussions about former employers, reverse engineering, and even some of the upcoming changes in his projects. Ryan Sipes of System 76 is very passionate about growing the community in the spirit of OpenSource, which I can only imagine could be rough when you are doing so as part of a business entity. He was one of the first I met (literally came and found me in the registration line to hang out) and was the person who walked me out the door. This lead to an additional 45-minute conversation that had nothing to do with OSS, the weekend, or the like.

It all came down to getting to know people. The real takeaway here at LFNW was having the opportunity for face time, which can be difficult to achieve in a community working remotely over a vast geographical area. Being able to put a face to an online handle, and more importantly a real name to a real human is always not to be taken for granted. It's the people who make all of this great stuff in F/OSS happen.

Other Highlights

  • Met some of the Jupiter Broadcasting crew, and was able to attend the live finale of the 11 years run on the Linux Action Show.
  • I got to check out the System 76 Galago laptop which I'm strongly considering for purchase.
  • System 76 BBQ
  • BBQ back at the JB Studio
  • Games night!

We added a small LFNW 2017 photo gallery here that you can check out.

Financial graphs and charts 36414004

Ubuntu Budgie - Annual Financial Statement 2016 - 2017

As part of our commitment to you to be transparent with you, the team are pleased to present a short statement as to our financial position 2016 to 2017.

Budgie Remix launched in April 2016 - 7 weeks from inception to launch!. Basically it was myself that bankrolled the project for a considerable amount of the 2016 year. Our first Paypal donation was given in September. Our first Patreon was shortly after.

As we closed off the 2016 year the financial position of the project was precarious - £56.63 in the bank, no reserves and questionable that we had the money to pay the bills for 2017, let alone meeting our initial goals of funding 2018-2021 for a potential Ubuntu Budgie LTS release.

Costs included website server fees and URL fees together with requiring reserves to meet unexpected costs.

Since January we have had literally an explosion of donors - both individual Paypal and many more Patreon sponsors.

So much so, thanks to those donors, we have met our 2017 costs together with set-a-side money for a potential LTS release.

With have had a major vote of confidence by DigitalOcean paying for all of our 2017 website and hosting fees.

Closing out April 2017, we have healthy reserves for 2017 to 2021. We have set our sights on a stretch goal of 5 years viability, together with looking to fund equipment to help us test HiDPI support.

We have a nominal £81.96 in the bank, with set-aside costs for 2017 to 2021 + reserves. Our confidence level for our financial viability is as close to 100% as you can get.

Today we are pleased to announce our first developer give back. Ubuntu Budgie have donated to Antoni Norman. Antoni - better known as Pinguy - helped us launch budgie-remix. Without his help sorting out PinguyBuilder 16.04 issues in double quick time spending countless days on this - the key tool we created our first ISO, we simply would not have been here now.

With your help, we look forward to making more donations to developers and organisations who have help Ubuntu Budgie in the future.

Just a couple of points to clarify here. All Ubuntu Budgie team members including myself are volunteers. We do not benefit financially in anyway from your generosity.

Additionally, although we are now an official flavor of the Ubuntu Family, we do not receive any financial help from Canonical. Canonical supports Ubuntu Budgie through their launchpad build systems and ISO distribution costs.

All donors are displayed on our website unless you specifically ask us not to. How we are looking after your donations are also shown.

If you want to support Ubuntu Budgie, help us through Paypal, Patreon and now BitCoin.

David (project lead)

Budgie Desktop v.10.3

Budgie Desktop V 10.3 - Release Notes

With the Qt 5-based Budgie Desktop 11 beginning development, 10.3 marks the final phase of the 10.x series. Future 10.3 releases will only include minor updates and tweaks.


Ubuntu Budgie Website - Developer Diary

It's awesome when you have a website that serves its purpose but it is even more awesome when the people love using it.

Welcome to Ubuntu Budgie Developer Diary, my name is Nikola and I'm one of the Ubuntu Budgie Dev's responsible for the Ubuntu Budgie's website development.

Zesty announcement

17.04 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our distro - and the first as an official flavor of the Ubuntu family.

Based on 16.04 and 16.10 budgie-remix experiences, feedback and suggestions we have received from our users, the new release comes with a lot of new features, fixes and optimizations:

  • Focused heavily on stability
  • More customisation options via budgie welcome
    • Complete desktop look and feel change - Material Designs of Adapta or Vimix
    • Startup wizard on first logon taking new users through the first logon procedures
    • Browser ballot - we believe you should decide what your favorite browser should be
    • Overhaul of our delivered application set - the best from the GNOME family as well as the fantastic Terminix terminal emulator
  • Latest upstream Budgie desktop v10.2.9

You can and should read more about what we have been upto via our release notes.

Download links and installation guide are provided. As always - do check the md5sum hash value of the downloaded ISO - this really does help you get on with a flying start for your install.

Thank you all for your continued support!

David, Ubuntu Budgie Project Leader.

Zesty announcement

17.04 Release Notes


Ubuntu Budgie v17.04 (zesty) Released: April 13th 2017

A significant portion of this development cycle has been spent integrating with the Canonical build-system. Key visible integration items were:

  • Plymouth customisations
  • utilizing the Ubiquity installer
  • reworking packages to remove the "budgie-remix" identities and replaced with the updated "Ubuntu Budgie" identity.

New Features and Enhancements

  • budgie-desktop upgraded to v10.2.9 from v10.2.7
  • a first login welcome screen to help you get up and running with items such as:
    • install drivers
    • perform updates
    • install complex ibus language support
    • web browser ballot - one click install/uninstall of additional browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, etc.
    • Full theme change support is now available. You can switch the entire interface (fonts, wallpaper, theme, cursors) to material based design themes (Adapta or Vimix) or the Arc theme style (default)
  • a backports repository is now optionally available via budgie-welcome with additional packages such as:
    • skippy-xd (Expose-Like Window selector)
    • the latest budgie-screenshot panel applet allowing you to grab screenshots (optionally send to Imgur)
    • 17.04 compatible Paper GTK Theme, Paper icon and cursor themes
    • (Coming Soon) v10.3 of the budgie-desktop
  • application indicator support (default - respects the panel system theme or custom themes)
  • panel applet to control the volume (default)
  • panel applet to navigate to file system places (default)
  • OSD (On Screen Display) of volume changes
  • drag-and-drop reordering of the icon-tasklist applet
  • ibus support
  • keyboard switching applet
  • Plank now defaults to a predefined set of applications rather than a random set of apps
  • QT Apps now inherit the currently applied GTK theme
  • additional languages are now available for installation via the Settings application including improved font support for our Chinese & Japanese community
  • existing applications such as Eye-of-GNOME (eog) and Evince have better support in non-Unity based desktops
  • integrated the latest GNOME mutter window manager (difficult due to debugging and fixing crash issues)
  • Added the following GNOME applications:
    • GNOME disk usage Analyser
    • GNOME characters
    • GNOME contacts
    • GNOME documents
    • GNOME font-viewer
    • GNOME log-viewer
    • GNOME maps
    • GNOME weather
    • GNOME color manager
    • GNOME accessibility support
  • GTK+3.22 Arc-theme support
  • Latest Moka-icon-theme (5.3.5)
  • new wallpapers
    • thank you to all wallpaper contest contributors!
    • our winners are credited in the Settings application (settings --> background)
    • two additional wallpapers have been added by team members
  • additional theming changes, bug-fixes and translation updates

Compatibility Changes

  • replaced GNOME Terminal with Terminix
  • dropped LibreOffice Base from the ISO image
  • changed the default browser to Chromium from Firefox
  • changed the default video player to GNOME MPV from GNOME Videos for instant multimedia playback out-of-the-box
  • changed the default for mouse and touchpad support to libinput from synaptics

Issues Resolved

  • crashing when installing/removing applications
  • disappearing session when removing keyboard layouts
  • oversized icons in the LibreOffice window decoration now display at the proper size

Known Issues

Upgrading from 16.10 to 17.04

  • existing accounts on the system will launch terminix showing a VTE misconfiguration error
    • To resolve: cat /usr/share/budgie-desktop/vteprompt.txt >> ~/.bashrc
  • your system will have the default applications (from 16.10 and 17.04) for web browsing, video players and terminals.
    • To resolve: sudo apt purge firefox gnome-terminal totem && sudo apt autoremove


How to upgrade from 16.10 to 17.04

After the release of 17.04 you will be offered to upgrade when you run Software & Updates.

Alternatively, from a command line run:

sudo do-release-upgrade

Packages that were installed as part of the previous PPA (ppa:budgie-remix/ppa) will be uninstalled as part of the upgrade. These packages can be reinstalled via the 17.04 Ubuntu Budgie backports PPA (ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports)

Please refer to the community wiki for more help:


Also, Ask Ubuntu has a great guide to help you upgrade:


How to upgrade from 16.04 to 17.04

There is not a direct 16.04 to 17.04 upgrade route. You are recommended to upgrade through 16.10 first and then to 17.04, or to-do a fresh install.

To upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10 - https://ubuntubudgie.org/blog/2016/10/08/how-to-upgrade-from-budgie-remix-16-04-to-16-10

17.04 Wallpaper contest winners

Thanks to all the entrants for the contest - there as a massive interest with loads of fantastic pictures.

It was amazingly difficult to choose - but winners there must be.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  1. !
  2. Beach by siddharth arya siddharth arya
  3. Feathers by andre tr andre tr
  4. Impossibly tall bridge xander jara
  5. Playground by michael johnson michael johnson
  6. Sand by andre at s xavier andre@s xavier
  7. Speeding train by xander jara xander jara
  8. Streaming butterfly by xander jara xander jara
  9. Tarmac by siddharth arya siddharth arya

All the original images can be found on the 17.04 contest flicker site

Zesty wallpaper contest

Announcing 17.04 wallpaper contest

Ubuntu Budgie is pleased to announce our 17.04 wallpaper contest - we are looking for fabulous original images to proudly show-case our first official community flavor edition of Ubuntu.

Please dig deep into your photo collection!

Your reward will be to display your work in Ubuntu - and the best of the best will be proudly displayed on our website!

So hurry - the contest is only open for approx three weeks.

Enter the 17.04 Contest

Rules are available on Flickr - all photo's submitted must conform with one of the following licenses:

  1. CC-BY-SA-4.0.
  2. CC with Attribution v3.0 or v4.0
  3. CC0 with the original authors name if its not yours

Please do not enter your photo's in other community flavor contests - there is nothing more embarrassing having the same photo being potentially included in multiple flavors!

Operating system 246242 1280

December News Update

Hey everyone, it has been almost a month since our last post so here are some latest news on what's happening

Ubuntu Budgie

It's official

The budgie-remix team is pleased to inform the community that the Ubuntu Technical Board has granted official community flavor status to our distro. We are pleased to join and be part-of the superb Ubuntu family.

Starting from today the distro will be known as Ubuntu Budgie.

budgie-remix 16.10 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our distro based on the solid 16.10 Ubuntu release.

This is our first release that follows Ubuntu release cycle – we have worked on getting closely aligned our alpha and two betas in the same manner as Ubuntu and the other official community flavours.

Budgie-Remix 16.10 beta 2 is now available

Howdy, budgie-remix users! We’re proud to announce another release of budgie-remix. This time, we’re publishing the beta 2 for the new budgie-remix based on Ubuntu 16.10. While this beta is not final release, it does contain most of the bug fixes and new features that you are going to see with budgie-remix 16.10 final release.

News release #6

After taking a bit of a breather over the summer holidays the team are back in full swing.

News Release #5

Wallpaper Contents for 16.10, budgie-remix 16.04.1 release and the new welcome app are just part of the news that we are going to share with you in this post.


News Release #4

With our fourth news batch, we have some interesting news about budgie-remix’s development and other community related stuff.

News Release #3

In the past 2 weeks we’ve seen a lot of progress in the development of the distro, as well with the community development. Community driven support helps us realize the key points on where to go with the development, and what are the most important things for the users of our distro.

  • 1
  • 2