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We have one on-demand support route – Discourse.

Once you register account, you will be able to participate in discussion and ask questions regarding the problem or issue you have, but also to answer questions from other users.

We do have an IRC (internet relay chat) to discuss development of Ubuntu Budgie. It is NOT a support forum.

If you disconnect from the IRC channel you will not receive a notification of any reply. So either leave an IRC session open – or we recommend connecting to all ubuntu IRC channels via an IRC bouncer.

Remember to ask your question on IRC – but you may need to wait for some time for a reply. So please be patient. If you can, please help out – even just saying “hi” if someone pops in for some help.

Note: The following form is NOT for support. We welcome contact from everyone who wishes to get involved with Ubuntu Budgie, regarding press releases or partnership requests or to express interest in joining Ubuntu Budgie team.

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Support Forum

IRC – Development Discussion

#ubuntu-budgie on freenode