Ubuntu Budgie

Embrace the change

What’s Ubuntu Budgie?

Ubuntu Budgie is a community developed distribution, integrating the Budgie Desktop Environment with Ubuntu at its core. Whether you are using it on an old computer, or a powerful workstation, Ubuntu Budgie is operating system that is adaptable to any device, keeping them fast and usable.

Easy To Use

Input Keyboard

Friendly to newcomers from other Operating Systems, programmers and normal users alike.


System Software Update

Easy to update and maintain. Update to next release or wait for big upgrade. The choice is always yours.


Customizable, optimized for performance on both the desktop and laptop.

We’ve made Ubuntu Budgie even better

The new 22.04 LTS release is here to stay for next few years on your desktop, bringing the stability of Ubuntu core and power of Budgie desktop environment in one package.


Coming from Mac?

We’ve developed an applet that allows you to have Hot corners function that you used while running OS X. Want to use Expose? Open specific app? No problem, just put the mouse in the corner.

Get me some Weather!

Do you need to carry that Umbrella? Going out in a bit? Cloudy with chance of falling frogs? Have a quick look on your desktop and prepare for outside world.

Need better overview?

With fullscreen applet you can glance over all the available apps across the screen


Small but useful


Drop by

Want to fetch that file? No need to open Nemo.

[:en]Language Autoswitch detector[:]

Time to go International

Working with two languages in different apps? No problem!

Quick Note

Penny for your thoughts.



You always wanted more desktops? Here it is.


Activities Overview

Need to check what’s happening in workspaces? Easy!


Brightness and Backlight

Don’t want to send Batman signal via your laptop? We have just the thing!

Make it your own

People’s Choice

“It’s a lightweight OS free of bloat with modest hardware requirements, but still manages to contain everything an average user might need.”

Jason Evangelho , Contributor at Forbes

“It provides all the benefits of Ubuntu and its ecosystem, but feathered beneath a clean, modern looking desktop interface.”

 Joey Sneddon, Editor at OMGUbuntu

“After the GNOME-based version, the biggest changes to an Ubuntu flavor come in Ubuntu Budgie.”

Scott Gilbertson, Ars Technica Editor

“The Perfect Blend of Ubuntu and Budgie Desktop.”

Aquil Roshan, Writer at ItsFoss

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