Become a team member – Project Manager / Project Administrator

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The Ubuntu Budgie team are looking for a new volunteer to join our ranks as Project Manager / Project Administrator. This is a non-technical role and will involve approx 3-4 hours a week dedication? Interested? Duties include … but not exclusively…
  • Coordinating the team activities across multiple timezones
  • flexible project schedule production
  • Running the monthly team meetings
  • Meeting minutes production and follow-up
  • Finance – maintaining an accurate record, updates to the donation web-page
  • Working with other flavours project admins/team leads – regular engagement via IRC and ubuntu community page
  • Team coordination through Slack app – using your phone, desktop etc
Trustworthy, cracking sense of humour, dedication are all essential attributes. Send me your mini-CV – something short and sweet. email: plain text only (attachments will be ignored) to fossfreedom at ubuntu dot com David (project lead)