Libreoffice feedback

We need to get some feedback for 18.04 – Libreoffice Snap

Libreoffice released

For 18.04 we will ship the latest version of libreoffice – v6. That version will receive stability fixes throughout the next three years of the LTS period – but the actual version will remain at v6.

We have a choice – we could instead ship the snap version of libreoffice – that version will be updated always to the latest version i.e. v7 v8 etc etc over the next three years.

The downside is that libreoffice snap currently doesnt use the icon and GTK theme you are using. This may change in the next few months – developers are working on it but we don’t know if or when this work will be backported to 18.04.

So what do you think? Stick with nicely integrated and stable v6 of libreoffice for 18.04 – or ship with the snap version? Please let us know.

Test out the latest v6 libreoffice snap by running:

sudo snap install libreoffice --candidate

Remove the snap:

sudo snap remove libreoffice