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Nimbusoft  builds Notebooks and Desktops born to run Linux. They develop and implement open source software into everything they do. Their mission is to make open source technology available to everyone.

Ubuntu Budgie team is proud to partner with Nimbusoft for bringing you fantastic and affordable technology. These special edition desktops truly demonstrate the style, simplicity and elegance of the Budgie Desktop. Share, blog, shout out loud #lovemyUB


Bellona small

At under 25mm thickness, and featuring the powerful Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX 950M graphics card, Bellona is a mighty powerful laptop that is great for developers, video editors and creative professionals alike. Featuring a backlit keyboard and Sound Blaster™ Cinema 3 , Bellona is packed full of features and runs Ubuntu Budgie out of the box.

Jupiter small

Jupiter is an elegant All-in-One desktop running the stunning Ubuntu Budgie operating system and featuring a Full HD display with high quality sound. It has been designed around style and boasts a stylish aluminium “L” stand. Supporting the latest Intel® Core™ Processors and with powerful Intel graphics, Jupiter is a powerful All-in-One desktop PC. Linux has never looked so good on the desktop!

Juno small

Designed for battery life and portability, Juno is an elegant Linux laptop based on Intel® Kaby Lake Processortechnology. Featuring a slim 22.2mm design and weighing just 1.8Kg, this laptop is feature rich and runs Ubuntu Budgie out of the box.

All orders include Ubuntu Budgie stickers and a thank you note from the team to you. Additionally, you can also specify the Super Key to have our Ubuntu Budgie logo as well if you want!You will be ordering these extra special machines from an exciting Linux vendor. You will also be pleased to know that your favorite distro Ubuntu Budgie will receive a percentage of the proceeds. This will benefit our long term future and enable us to meet our goals of supporting developers and organisations that have helped us. All you need to remember is to keep “Ubuntu Budgie” as the default operating system when ordering.

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For all our friends who are outside Europe, be assured we are working very hard to bring Ubuntu Budgie machines to you all.