Budgie Desktop v10.4 released for Debian and Ubuntu

Budgie desktop v10.4 release small

Its my pleasure to announce the release of the latest Budgie Desktop for both Debian and Ubuntu users.

The release is for:

  1. Debian unstable
  2. Debian Buster (will be sync’d next week)
  3. Ubuntu 17.10
  4. Ubuntu Budgie 17.10
  5. Ubuntu 17.04
  6. Ubuntu Budgie 17.04
  7. Ubuntu 16.04.3
  8. budgie-remix 16.04.3

At the same time, I have refreshed all builds made available by the fantastic indie budgie developers

  • budgie brightness control applet
  • budgie calendar applet
  • budgie haste applet
  • budgie indicator applet
  • budgie system monitor applet
  • budgie pixel saver applet (17.04/17.10)
  • budgie weather applet (17.04/17.10)
  • budgie global menu (17.04/17.10)

Budgie Welcome has been updated with all the latest translations; all the above applets can be installed from Budgie Welcome.

… and you want more?! EvopPop and EvoPop Azure themes are also now available to be installed – just open up Budgie Welcome – default settings

Upstream, the Budgie Desktop organisation  has published a really great guide of all whats new – so check it out now!


Budgie Pixel Saver applet no longer works on Ubuntu 16.04. If you want to have a look and fix it up then get in touch.

Budgie Desktop v10.4 introduces theming changes – specifically themes for the new popovers you see when clicking on applets. All 3rd party budgie themes will need updates to make the popovers work correctly. So again – please contact us and help out fixing these themes – especially for those Ubuntu 16.04 themes.

All of you need to dig in please – upstream themers have moved on to newer GTK versions, so you all need to help and fix for your fellow 16.04 users.

How to install:

For Debian unstable and Debian Buster:

sudo apt install budgie-desktop

For budgie-remix 16.04 users, just update & reboot as normal.

For 16.04 Ubuntu users:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install budgie-desktop

For 17.04 Ubuntu users:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports
sudo apt update
sudo apt install budgie-desktop

For 17.04 Ubuntu Budgie users:

  • Open budgie-welcome – Recommendations. Enable “Backports”. Then, update and reboot as normal

For 17.10 Ubuntu users:

sudo apt install budgie-desktop

For 17.10 Ubuntu Budgie users … just update and reboot!

David (project lead)