How To Enable Global Menus in Ubuntu Budgie

The intent of this post is to provide a short and to the point how to enable the global menu in Ubuntu Budgie. Please keep in mind that this is in testing. So the general caveats apply when installing test software. Things have been smooth for me at this point.

So on to it.

Add the specific global menu test PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/global-menu-test
sudo apt-get update

Install the required packages.

sudo apt install budgie-pixel-saver-applet budgie-appmenu-applet
  • Logout and then back in to see the new applets in Raven.

Add the new applets to your panel

  • Open Raven (Box with arrow in the upper right corner of your panel)
  • Press the gear Icon (top right corner of Raven)
  • Select Panel tab (top right corner)
  • Press the + next to the Applets title
  • Add the show-menus-from-windws & pixel saver applets
  • Adjust the location of the applets to your desired spot. Usually be defaukt they are added centered. Not so ideal forthis use case. I usually add both just to the right of the spacer applet next to the menu.

The the the that’s all folks!