17.04 Wallpaper contest winners

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Thanks to all the entrants for the contest – there as a massive interest with loads of fantastic pictures. It was amazingly difficult to choose – but winners there must be. Congratulations to the following winners:
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    (storage/Blog/1704contestthumbs/awkward_tower_by_michael_gaida.jpg) michael gaida
  2. Beach by siddharth arya
    siddharth arya
  3. Feathers by andre tr
    andre tr
  4. Impossibly tall bridge
    xander jara
  5. Playground by michael johnson
    michael johnson
  6. Sand by andre at s xavier
    andre@s xavier
  7. Speeding train by xander jara
    xander jara
  8. Streaming butterfly by xander jara
    xander jara
  9. Tarmac by siddharth arya
    siddharth arya
All the original images can be found on the 17.04 contest flicker site 

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