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After taking a bit of a breather over the summer holidays the team are back in full swing.


funds We have had a substantial financial donation – thanks Felix! We do need you to help us to remain a viable distro – so if you can afford the cost of just one of your favourite coffee in a month, please consider help us with a small donation. Paypal is gratefully accepted – regular donors via Patreon would be great!  More details on our Support Us web-page. Also we have opened a new team member opportunity – fundraiser.  We hope you can join.  Drop in to our Gitter community chatroom to discuss.

16.10 ALPHA

We put together our 16.10 alpha – many thanks for all our testers.  The feedback has been valuable. thanks


  • Networking has been fixed – we now use the new Canonical Netplan configuration
  • Debian Wallpapers has been removed
  • The ISO can now be installed in all locales offered by the installer
  • The ISO comes with English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese for fast installation.  All other locales and languages are downloaded if required
  • The 16.10 Community Contest wallpapers have been included.
  • Plymouth now correctly displays “budgie-remix”
  • The ISO can now be installed via Ubuntu USB Creator
  • budgie-welcome has been updated to 0.3.10
  • budgie-welcome now launches the Ubuntu Installer when in “live-dvd/USB” mode
  • Rhythmbox defaults to the Arc dark theme – just gorgeous!
  • The spurious gnome-shell session available via the login screen has been removed.


Unfortunately we have decided to drop (at least for 16.10) our change to a new greeter.  This is due to serious upstream issues affecting Debian and Ubuntu that have now (as yet) not been resolved. We are pleased that more of the budgie-remix packages have now been made available directly from the Ubuntu Universe Repos.  We are nearly there with our aim to get all of the budgie-remix packages into the Ubuntu repositories – a prerequisite for our Official Community Flavour Status application to be considered by the Ubuntu Technical Board. building


We are exploring creating a new icon-theme that blends Moka with Arc themed icons – more news on this in the future hopefully … but to give you a flavour – a few Arc-coloured icons from various icon-themes and what we are currently considering for the Files folder icon. icons.png


Try … that website URL could be useful in the future Community co-ordinator Udara has opened a budgie-remix Facebook page.  Please drop-by, like us and share the page.  Its a great and easy way for budgie-remix to be promoted to the world