Golden Rule: analyze, bug, fix

Test Plan

Welcome to 20.04 alpha through to Release Testing

We are now in the alpha stage of 20.04 – release is April 2020. Testing is now open for intrepid and enthusiastic testers. If you are confident and like to work out what is wrong – we want you on our team!

This is alpha testing – a number of bugs should be expected – we need to find these. That is why we do alpha/beta testing. You really should not expect a stable system – do not install alpha/beta and daily ISOs on a production system. Kind of obvious I know – but we always can see those that don’t understand that concept and moan and groan on various blog sites. Feel free to make them informed!

So you want to join in the fun? Yes, it really is! ?

  1. Join Ubuntu Budgie bug busters and Subscribe to the mailing list – https://launchpad.net/~budgie-remix-bug-busters
  2. Download the ISO and Install
  3. Test

Simple! Ok lets be serious now.

If you don’t think you can do this then we kindly would suggest testing Alphas and Beta’s is perhaps not for you. Please wait until the 20.04 release is available in April.

David (project lead)